President Biden’s Infrastructure Package

In the article, “Biden’s Infrastructure Package may be Trickier Than aid Bill” Authors Annie Karni and Jim Tankersley explain Biden’s plan to make a change with the American infrastructure. Infrastructure in the United States is becoming a growing concern more for many Americans. When you do your normal drive to go to school or work take a look at the roads, bridges, and buildings. You will actually notice there are many potholes in our roads, bridges are cracking and looking outdated, and buildings look flimsy. President Joe Biden believes he has a plan to correct these problems throughout our country. As a candidate president Biden went further than Donald trump and Barack Obama to pass a multitrillion-dollar package to basically create jobs. In doing this (if he goes through with it) we would be competing with China in modernizing our infrastructure. Government officials have had engineers go around the country to grade our current infrastructure and not just physical infrastructure but cyber as well. Recently, The American Society of civil Engineers have said this about their recent look around, “The American Society of Civil Engineers has given the country’s overall infrastructure a grade of D+, estimating that a funding gap of more than $2 trillion exists between needs and expected spending by all levels of government over the next decade. And the pandemic has put a spotlight on the poor quality of digital infrastructure in many parts of the United States, as more people are forced to work and attend school remotely” (Karni/Tankersley). Basically, this quote is saying we need to get work done on our infrastructure, but it is going to come at a high price. While our physical infrastructure needs an immense amount of work our cyber infrastructure might be even worse. Cyber infrastructure has been exposed because of Covid-19 using zoom and other online school live websites we noticed there were a lot of glitches. This is coming from a reliable source, it sounds like we are far away from where we want to be. I believe we would be a lot closer to be ranked a C+ or even a B if the pandemic never happened but that’s the day in age, we live in. Hopefully as a nation we can come together fix this problem.

Karni, A., & Tankersley, J. (2021, March 2). Biden’s Infrastructure Package May Be Trickier Than Aid Bill. New York Times, A1(L).

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